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English Root Words with Full Meaning

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1. 'Thei' Root Words वाले शब्द

Thei:-  god/religion.

Ist:-  follower


  • Theist:- one who believes in god.
  • Atheist:- one who don’t believe in god.
  • Polytheist:- one who believes in many gods.
  • Monotheist:- one who believes in one god.
  • Pantheist:- one who believes in all gods across all religion.

2. 'Logy' Root Words वाले शब्द

Logy:- study of something.


    • Theology:- study of religion.
    • Morphology:- study of structures.
    • Anthropology:- study of human being.
    • Anthropomorphism:- giving human structure to god.
    • Amorpic:- no particular structure.
    • Zoomorphism:- giving animal structure to god.

    3. 'Phobia' Root Words वाले शब्द

    'Phobia' means:- fear or dislike.


        • Zoophobia:- fear of animal.
        • Gynophobia:- one who don’t like girls.
        • Demophobia:- one who fear of public speaking.
        • Theophobia:- fear of religion.

        4. 'Cracy' Root Words वाले शब्द

        'Cracy' means:- government /system.


            • Democracy:- government of people.
            • Theocracy:- when government is of religious people like priest, bishops etc.
            • Oligocracy:- when selected few runs the government.
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