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Idioms and Phrases with Meanings Part-1 | Popular English Idioms and Phrases with Explanations

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idioms and phrases with meaning part -1
Idioms and Phrases with Meaning

  • Abbreviation : A shortened form of a word or phrase.
  • Abject : Extremely contemptible or miserable.
  • Abdicate : To give up a throne voluntarily.
  • Abolish : Do away with wholly.
  • Aberration : A Deviation from the normal or typical.
  • Absurd : Wildly unreasonable, illogical or ridiculous.
  • Abstruse : Hard to understand.
  • Accolade : An award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit.
  • Aborigines : Original inhabitants of a place.
  • Accomplice : An associate in crime.
  • Anarchy : Absence of any form of political authority or government.
  • Accountable : Liable to being called to account, answerable.
  • Anarchist : A Person who rejects the need for a system of government in society and proposes its a abolition, One who is out to subvert a government.
  • Acquiesce : To accept something reluctantly but without protest.
  • Analgesia : The inability to feel pain.
  • Acquit : To free a person by verdict of 'not guilty'.
  • Anachronistic : That which is out of place.
  • Acrimonious : Angry and bitter (typically of speech or discussion)

Idioms and Phrases in English with Meaning

  • Anachronism : Something that is not suitable for its age of existence.
  • Actuary : One who calculates premium.
  • Amputee : A person whose limb has been amputated.
  • Addict : One who has become dependent on something or drugs.
  • Amphibian : Animals that can live on land and in water.
  • Adolescence : The period between childhood and adulthood.
  • Amoral : One not concerned with right or wrong.
  • Advocacy : Public support or recommendation for a policy.
  • Amnesty : A general pardon granted by a government.
  • Affable : Friendly and good-nature.
  • Ambivert : Both introvert and extrovert.
  • Affidavit : A written statement confirmed by oath.
  • Ambivalent : Having opposing feelings.
  • Agenda : A list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.
  • Ambiguous : A statement open to more than interpretation, A sentence whose meaning is unclear.
  • Aggravate : To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease.
  • Ambidextrous : A person who is able to use both hands with equal skill.
  • Aggressor : A person who attacks first.
  • Ambassador : Diplomatic minister of the higher order sent by a country to another.
  • Agitation : The arousing of people concerned about an issue and pressing for action on it.
  • Amazon : Notably tall, physically strong, or strong-willed woman.

Popular English Idioms and Phrases with Meaning

  • Agnostic : One who doubts the existence of god.
  • Amateur : A person who does something for pleasure rather than for pay.
  • Agnosticism : The belief that nothing can be known about God.
  • Altruist : Selfless concern for the welfare of others.
  • Alibi : A claim of being elsewhere when the incident took place.
  • Allegory : A story etc containing a hidden moral lesson.
  • Alienate : To turn friends in enemies.
  • Alimony : Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation.
  • Auditorium : A building where an audience sits.
  • Anecdote : A short, amusing story about something.
  • Auditor : A person who conducts an official inspection of a company's account.
  • Animate : Having life.
  • Audacious : Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
  • Animism : Belief that God is in everything and that everything is God.
  • Auctioneer : A person who conducts auction.
  • Annal : A record of the events of one year.
  • Attic : A space or room just below the roof of a building.
  • Annihilate : To destroy completely.
  • Atheist : One who does not believe in the existence of God.
  • Anonymous : A letter, poem etc. , whose author is unknown.
  • Asylum : A place of refuge and safety.
  • Answerable : A person liable to be called to account for his action.
  • Astrophysicist : An expert in the branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies.
  • Antedate : To be of an earlier date than.
  • Assiduous : Showing great care and perseverance.
  • Antigen : A toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body.
  • Ante-meridiem : The time between midnight and noon.
  • Antidote : A medicine that counteracts the effect of another medicine.
  • Anthropologist : One who studies the complete history of mankind.
  • Arbitrator : A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them.
  • Apartheid : A policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.

Idioms Dictionary with full Meaning

  • Arable : Suitable for growing cops.
  • Apathy : Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
  • Aquatic : Of animals living in water.
  • Apiary : A place where bees are kept.
  • Aquarium : A tank where fish or water plants are kept.
  • Apoplexy : unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from cerebral haemorrhage or stroke.
  • Apprentice : A person who works for a skilled employer in order to learn a skill.
  • Apostle : A strong believer.
  • Appraisal : An act of assessing something or someone.
  • Arena : A level area surrounded by seating, in which sports, entertainments, and other public events are held.
  • Architect : A person who designs building.
  • Archive : A place where government/public records are kept.
  • Arsonist : A person who commits the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.
  • Arid : Having little or no rain.
  • Arsenal : A collection of weapons and military equipment.
  • Astrophysicist : An expert in the branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies.
  • Artful : Clever or skillful, especially in a crafty or cunning way.
  • Artisan : Expert in any skill of hand.
  • Assiduous : Showing great care and perseverance.
  • Ascetic : A religious person with strict way of life.
  • Assertive : One who expresses one's opinion firmly but politely.
  • Assassin : A person who murders a big political personality.
  • Assent : To agree to something.
  • Axiom : A statement or proposition of truth.
  • Autobiography : Life story of a man written by himself.
  • Aviary : A place where birds are kept.
  • Autopsy : Examination of the dead body.
  • Avaricious : One who is greedy for money.
  • Avant-grade : New and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.
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